One Year Diploma in Land Surveyor

Job Description and Duties
Professional surveyors use property corner markers and topography equipment to measure angles and distances in order to map out the boundaries of a package of land. Professionals in other fields and members of the public use surveying data for a wide variety of purposes. A construction surveyor may provide land measurements to an architect or urban planner in order to create design documents. A boundary surveyor might verify property lines to a homeowner to establish the boundaries for a deed. A forensic surveyor may testify as an expert witness based on his or her mapping of the site of an industrial accident.

Surveyors measure land surfaces as varied as mountainous land, urban areas, industrial complexes and surfaces that are under water. In addition to traditional tools, like transits (an instrument that measures horizontal and vertical angles) and compasses, they also use high tech tools that may include global positioning systems (GPS), computerized mapping tools, such as a geographic information system (GIS), and digital 3D scanning.

Scheme of Study

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Survey Trade Theory
Survey Trade Basic Drawing
Survey Trade Practical I
Survey Trade Practical II