Information and Communication Technology (DAE in ICT Engineering)

“With the world going hi-tech, the increasing demand for IT professionals is justifiable, and being one of the well-paid sectors, it’s true that there is a trend of engineering students choosing the IT stream,” Information and Communication Technology is the Engineering Branch that recently came into existence with a mission to provide a wider perspective on the nature of technology, its use and application to the living world. Engineering is not only about the experimentation and learning. It is about the impact it has on the society. Information and Communication Technology has been the branch of Engineering that humans have used all through the evolution process for being the most advanced creature on the Earth. Moreover developing countries try to improve their lives and gain a competitive edge using Information and Communication is job- oriented and focuses on areas that are in demand in the market. ICT engineering has courses in three technical dimension (TechD1,TechD2, TechD3). The course identifies the required core and optional to be offered. TechD1 Basics of electronics, Analog and Digital Electronics, Digital hardware, Digital Processors, Solid State Devices, VLSI, Architecture, DSP and inline advance courses. TechD2 Structured and Object oriented languages, Data structures, Algorithms, Cryptography, Database Management, Operating Systems, Networking and other inline advanced courses. TechD3 Signal and Systems, Basics of Communications, Analog and Digital Communications, RF and other inline courses.

Scheme of Studies DAE Information & Communication Technology

FIRST YEAR GEN-111 Islamiat/Pak. Studies
ENG-112 English
  A-MATH-123 Applied Math(For ICT Practioners)
  PHY-132 Applied Physics
  Ch-112 Applied Chemistry
  ICT-112 Information System
  ICT-123 Design and Development Principals of Software
  ICT-133 Network Fundamentals
  ICT-143 Computer Systems
  ICT-152 Client Side Customization of Web pages
SECOND YEAR GEN-211 Islamiat/Pak. Studies
  MTH-223 Applied Mathematics II
  MGM-212 Communication & Employability skills for IT
  ICT-212 Object Oriented Programming
  ICT-223 Computer Architecture
  ICT-232 Communication Technologies
  ICT-243 Organizational System Security
  ICT-253 Routing Protocols and Concept
  ICT-263 LAN Switching and Wireless
  ICT-272 Website Production and management
THIRD YEAR GEN-311 Islamiat/Pak. Studies
  ENG-311 Technical Report Writing
  MGM-312 Impact of the use of IT on Business Systems
  ICT-312 E-Commerce
  ICT-323 Network Management
  ICT-332 Operating System
  ICT-343 Principal of Computer Networks
  ICT-352 IT Systems Troubleshooting and Repair
  ICT-364 Project
  ICT-373 Accessing the WAN